Terms and Conditions

Bookings made with Century 21 Conolly Hay Group are in accordance with the following Terms & Conditions. Payment of a deposit and/or receipt of key/s are deemed to be your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


Quotations: are subject to availability and are not guaranteed until receipt of the deposit, confirmed in writing. Tariffs, as per the tariff sheet, brochure and website, and are subject to change without notice. No responsibility is accepted for errors and omissions contained on this website, holiday accommodation brochure or tariff sheet.


Currency: All prices quoted are in Australian dollars.


Deposit: A deposit of 50% of total rent plus $50 booking fee is due within 7 days of booking, non-refundable and is required to secure your booking. Payment of the rental deposit constitutes the client’s acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.


Balance: Final payment of the total tariff is due 30 days prior to arrival. If the booking is made within 30 days of arrival, full payment will be required at the time of booking. If not the booking agent has the right to cancel the booking and attempt to re-let it.


Security Bond: All guests are required to complete the security bond form before arrival, on this form the guest must provide the current details of their credit card. The bond form provides security for the property in the event of damages, breakages, excessive cleaning and loss or theft, as determined by our Cleaner and or a member of Century 21 staff. Keys will not be handed out if this form is not completed and returned.


Please read this: If upon inspection of the property at time of departure we find damage, theft, loss or excessive cleaning is required, the cost will be charged to your credit card. By accepting keys and giving us credit card details you accept these Terms and Conditions.


Cancellation: If the guest cancels the booking and three months (90 days) notice is given, the deposit will be refunded less an administration fee of $200.00, plus the $50 booking fee, total $250. If the guest cancels a booking with less than 3 months (89 days) notice, the deposit will not be refunded unless the property is re-let for the entirety of the cancelled booking. In this case the total fee of $250.00 will be retained. If a guest wishes to reduce the period of the booking NO REFUND of unused tariff will be considered. These conditions may vary upon consultation with the property owner. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Cancellation by Agent: If circumstances beyond the control of Century 21 Conolly Hay Group affect this reservation (including owner advising property unavailable, sale of property, flood, fire, act of God, war or threat of war, physical unrest, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activities (threatened or actual), strikes, port or airport closure, technical problems with transport, alteration or cancellation of scheduled travel services) then Century 21 Conolly Hay Group may, at its discretion, cancel this reservation and offer either:- (a) alternate accommodation; or (b) a full refund of monies paid by the Guest less any card facility or processing fees, or administration fees of $250 that will be applicable. TRAVEL INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Credit Card Details/Security Bond: By accepting keys and giving us credit card details you accept these Terms and Conditions.


General Requirements: Guests and Visitors must comply with all House Rules, By-Laws and instructions from the manager and security services during their stay; and Guests must notify the Manager of any disputes or complaints from neighbours as soon as is practicable.

Care of the Premises: Disturbance to neighbours, including excessive noise, is prohibited and may also result in termination of rental and additional charges. Please respect your neighbours at all time. Guests and visitors should maintain noise to a reasonable level especially between 10pm and 8am and must abide by any noise abatement or other orders issued by police or other regulatory authority. Guests and visitors must not engage in anti-social behaviour and must minimise their impact upon the residential amenity of neighbours and local community.


Cleaning: The Property must be left clean and tidy at the end of this reservation. Any extra charges incurred to clean the Property when it is not left clean and tidy or to repair damage to or reinstate the Property, will be charged to the credit card(s) provided by way of security.


Keys and Departure: Keys must be returned to our office on departure by 10am or a retrieval fee may be charged. If you are checking out Monday thru Saturday please drop the keys into our office at 3/18 Duke Street, Sunshine Beach. If you are checking out on a Sunday or after hours or need to leave earlier than our office is open, the key may be returned/collected from the safe located at our office at 3/18 Duke Street, Sunshine Beach. – the safe is on the front landing. Safe details provided on full payment. Departure of property: Please make sure the property is securely locked, all windows and doors closed and locked, air conditioning, lights and fans turned off.


Keys/Remote Controls: Guests are responsible for any loss or damage to keys and remote controls whether accidental or otherwise. Guests will be charged for the repair or replacement of any such loss or damage at the discretion of Century 21 Conolly Hay Group. If any guest keys are lost or misplaced, ALL locks for that property must be changed by a locksmith at a cost [in the vicinity of $150 to $800] to the holiday guest. All guests are to maintain the security of the property at all times.

Arrival/Departure: Holiday properties are strictly available from 2pm on the day of your arrival. Premises must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure unless otherwise pre-arranged with our office. Please leave the property in a similar state to its condition on arrival.


To maintain a good standard for our guests we require certain conditions to be complied with. We appreciate most will respect our properties but the occasional abuse requires that we state the following conditions:


Use of the Property: The Property is a residential dwelling within the Noosa community. The Property is to be used strictly as a residential dwelling for residential purposes by the Guest(s) and the number of occupants nominated on the Guest Registration Form. The Property is not to be used for any other purpose or by any greater number of occupants. The use of the Property for a function, a party or other like gathering is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you use the Property for a function, a party or other like gathering or other than as a residential dwelling for residential purposes:- (a) your reservation of the Property will be terminated immediately; (b) the Guest(s) and other occupants of the Property will be removed from it; (c) the Guest(s) agrees to pay an additional Tariff of $4,400 (incl GST) and authorise C21 Noosa to debit that additional Tariff to the credit card(s) provided


Number of Guests: should not exceed the number stated on the Booking Confirmation or subsequently agreed in writing. Fees will apply for excess guests not agreed in advance. Guests will be held fully responsible for the actions of their visitors.

Parties and Functions are strictly prohibited: The Property is not a “party house” or available for any functions and any such activities are strictly prohibited. Use contrary to this may result in termination of rental immediately and additional charges may apply as outlined above.


Parking: Guests and Visitors are to use the garage/carport/driveway where appropriate, please do not park in front of neighbour access ways.


Garbage and Recycling: Guests and visitors are to dispose of garbage and recycling in the wheelie bins provided at the property. Please do not leave excess rubbish in public or common areas.


Security and Personal Property: For security purposes, please close or lock all windows, withdraw any outdoor blinds/awnings where retractable and lock doors when leaving the premises unattended to prevent rain and water damage during any unforeseen storm or unwanted guests entering the property. The weather conditions can change very quickly on the coast so your attention to this request would be appreciated. No responsibility is taken by the Agent or the Owner for Tenants/Guests personal property. 


Linen: will be supplied at most holiday properties unless stipulated otherwise. Please make sure you read the website information carefully or ask our office at time of booking to ensure the supply of linen or not at the property you are staying at. Beach Towels are not provided at most properties. If linen is provided it includes bath towels (one per person). If you require additional linen or towels or services, please advise us before you check in, and these can be provided at your cost. A small selection of travel size toiletries is provided at most properties.


Swimming Pools/Spas: The swimming pool/spa must not be used between the hours of 10.00pm and 7.00am. No glassware is permitted in the pool/spa. If glass is smashed, accidental or otherwise, into the swimming pool or spa the cost to drain, clean and refill the swimming pool or spa will be at the direct cost to the guest.


Pets: are not allowed on the property unless you have received prior approval by Century 21 Conolly Hay Group and the owner of the property. All guests must sign the Pet Bond Form and return this form to our office before arrival. If Century 21 Holidays are not advised of bringing a pet, any pets found on the property will incur $200 additional cleaning charges and guests may be asked to vacate the premises.


BBQ (if one at property): If there is a barbecue on the premises, we request that you please clean the barbecue after use. If the cleaner needs to clean down the barbecue after check out, there will be an additional charge to your credit card. While we endeavour to check gas bottles prior to your arrival, occasionally this can be missed. If the gas bottle is empty on your arrival or during your stay, please let us know during office hours and we will have this filled asap.


Non-Smoking Policy: Guests acknowledge that smoking inside of the property is not permitted and agree to ensure they and/or their Guests smoke outside only. We request that Guests do everything possible to prevent cigarette smoke from drifting inside the premises and to please safely dispose of their cigarette butts in a tidy manner.

Damages and Breakages: Must be reported to the Holiday Manager during your stay. Damage or breakage to property caused by the guest will be deducted from their credit card supplied.


Furniture: Please do not move furniture in the property. If furniture is moved and any damage has been caused by the moving of furniture, the cost of repairs and moving to original position will be charged to your credit card upon check out. Costs incurred to remove any markings made on soft furnishings will be at the tenants cost and will be charged to your credit card upon inspection.


Breakdowns: C21 accepts no responsibility for any inconvenience due to machinery or appliance breakdown. C21 will do its best endeavours to repair, replace or hire an alternative will be undertaken.


Internet Connection & TV Reception: C21 is not responsible or liable for any loss of or interruption to internet connection or TV reception whether offered as part of the property’s services or otherwise. Sunshine Beach and Noosa are set amongst hills so interruptions to services due to external factors and weather are beyond our control.


Unavailability: If a property becomes unavailable for any reason C21 reserve the right to move the Guests to alternative accommodation at C21 discretion. We cannot be held responsible for the decisions of the owners of premises (i.e. sale of the property, alterations/repairs, withdrawal of the premises from the letting pool, or other act), which may affect this booking. In the event of a property becoming unavailable, every effort will be made to find alternative accommodation but if this is not possible the deposit will be refunded in full. Where the property owner cancels a booking, all deposits will be refunded in full.


Non-Transferable: bookings will not be moved to alternate properties due to a guest change of mind. If it is within the cancellation terms and conditions – outside 90 days - C21 may consider the reasons and accept. Any movement of bookings is at the discretion of C21 and further charges may apply.


Compliance: Breach of these House Rules is a breach of the Terms and Conditions. The Owner and Century 21 Conolly Hay Group reserve the right to terminate permission to occupy and to evict from the Property, Guests or Visitors who refuse to follow these Terms and Conditions or who cause a nuisance.


Inspections: If Century 21 believes that these Terms and Conditions have been or are being breached, Century 21 may inspect the Property at any time during this reservation upon demand and without notice. Century 21 may inspect the Property at all other times during this reservation upon 24 hours verbal notice. Failure to provide required access to the Property may result in the termination of this reservation of the Property and removal of the Guest(s) and other occupants from the Property.


Governing Law: The Law of Queensland governs your use and occupation of the Property during this reservation. You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Queensland.

Please acquaint yourself with the Holiday Terms & Conditions as receipt of deposit is acknowledgment of these conditions.


Schoolies Bookings: Century 21 Holidays do not accept any bookings that are related to schoolie celebrations.


Tradesman Call Outs: In the event that a tradesman is called to the property and the fault is due to user error or “no fault found”, the cost incurred will be the responsibility of the guest. The cost will be invoiced to the guest for payment within seven days or deducted from the guest credit card supplied as Bond upon check in.


New building/renovations: are common in the area: Our holiday properties are located in suburban locations where building work or renovation work are common. Neither C21 Holidays nor the Owner are responsible for any noise from neighbouring properties caused by building or renovation work. No refund or reduction of tariff will be offered for noise from building or renovation work on neighbouring properties. C21 Holidays Noosa cannot be held accountable for any disturbance or inconvenience caused. If we are aware of work that will adversely affect your stay we will endeavour to advise you prior to arrival. C21 Holidays may try to relocate you to an alternative property, guest(s) may be charged an additional tariff in respect of that alternative property.


Emergency Contact: Outside of these hours should an emergency arise, please call the emergency number on M: 0447 639 516

Please do not contact our office unless it is an emergency, as you may be charged.


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